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Waterloo FC's vision is of a world where young people are no longer disadvantaged by their financial, geographic or family circumstances, where they can develop their skills and abilities to be successful in the world in their own right and belong to a supportive and inclusive community 

Waterloo FC is an FA Charter Standard Club, formed in 1997 by local parents concerned about the lack of sport provision for children and young people in the Waterloo and surrounding area. The Club is a social enterprise, registered since 2001, as a non-profit company.

Waterloo FC offers children and young people access to opportunities to be healthy and physically active. We deliver a range of programmes that support young peoples learning, by means of a strong and integrated educational sports and mentoring programme, to broaden horizons, raise aspirations and offer pathways to achievement for participants within local communities.

Since the Club began, more than 5000 young people have attended the Club's programmes, the impact of which has seen many young people progressing to accredited and vocational courses, volunteering, gaining employment as well as a number of young people accessing careers playing sport.


"Waterloo Football Club is the prime example of a best practice Community based football Club. The Club has an ethos that both looks to give the opportunity for young people to access football both at an estate based level as well through mainstream provision. This coupled with desire to develop the young people both physically and socially has led to them having an amazing success rate both competitively as 

well as assisting many of their young people in to opportunities both around taking part in sport, coaching opportunities and academically. Arnold Reynolds and his team are the best example of what local mentors can do to transform communities"

Brian Dickens, Director - 

North Lambeth and North Southwark Community Action Zone

“I must 

thank the coaching team at the club for the massive improvement in my son's 

game technically. He has been able to retain instructions on what is 

expected of him in any position the head coach has played him. 

The team have 

shown great teamwork and play beautiful football, which has earned the team respect from opposing teams. 


ause of my son's ability to follow instructions on the pitch, off the pitch, as parents we are now enjoying the benefits of a young, fully focused teenager!  I will have no reservations what so ever in recommending other children to Waterloo FC. I believe in this club, you are creating assets for the future and living testimonies now that what happens in this Club is good for the community. I could go on for ever!!”

Mr Ishagi (parent)

"I have been part of Waterloo FC for 3 years, our manager and coach puts us first and foremost in everything he does or says.  He teaches us discipline, educates us in football, school work and life in general. He teaches us to give 110% and to play a fair game, we are like being part of one big happy family” Matthew aged 15


The FA Charter Standard Club's benchmark for quality, was awarded to Waterloo FC in 2004 and is renewed annually. The award ensures best practice in standards of coaching, child protection, first aid and administration, which improves the sporting experience and ensures a safe and pleasant environment for all.